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D2D Response To Anti-Comment Agenda From Tumblr Staff Blog


Why John Gruber doesn’t have comments on his site:

Bijan Sabet likes comments:

My experiences with comments haven’t been as positive. Blogs with good comments do exist, like Bijan’s and many of the small tech and VC blogs that I assume he reads, but they’re unusual.

I’m fiercely…

by Ben Lopez

Have you ever wondered why Tumblr hasn’t introduced a native comment system to make things a hell of a lot easier for everyone?  Well, Marco Arment, Lead Developer at Tumblr, gave us that answer loud and clear yesterday in the blog post above.

In a word, he despises comments.  In his own words, he tells us, “I’m not a very good ‘team player’…I also disagree with the widespread notion that comments are ‘discussion’, or that they form a ‘community’. “  It goes on and on with heaps of negativity and apprehension, likely stemming from a past incident (“my experiences with comments haven’t been as positive”), if you wish to read the full blog post.  The problem with this is that as Tumblr’s lead developer, I’m sure he has a pretty good say in what features are (or are not) introduced to the site.  This makes it likely that Mr. Arment is a major contributing factor holding Tumblr back from the next logical step, which is a native comment system.

So why do I have to go and make a big deal about it publicly?  Why didn’t I just share this with him directly and be done with it?  Well, I had intended to leave this response as a direct comment for him on his blog, but I think you can guess why that didn’t work out…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this because I want to bash Marco or Tumblr, and if he wants to refrain from allowing comments on his personal blog, that’s fine.  I love Tumblr.  I’m never going back to any other blogging platform, and trust me, I’ve tried them all.  I’m saying this out of love for Tumblr, and the totally awesome community we have have.  I just want to see that community aspect fleshed out with standardized comments before we start losing some of its great contributors out of frustration.

Tumblr is of course a private business, and they’re free to do as they please.  But if this was my company, I’d be looking past my own bias, and the bias of my employees to provide solutions that are best for my users, not me.



by Ben Lopez

We’re hot off the heels of Steve Jobs announcing the iPhone 4, which I covered on D2D’s Twitter page, and excitement is still buzzing in the tech community.  There’s been some excitement in my own life as well, as I have recently stepped in as the Director of Marketing for App Collab, ideal for anyone interested in developing or investing in mobile apps.  As you can imagine, that has put my former schedule in a blender, so I wasn’t able to sit down and get out much original content this week.  Another fail, my bad.  This week, I’m vowing right now: more meat, less filler!  Leave me some digital-slap-in-the-face comments/threats below to keep me in line, won’t you?

That of course leads me to my one announcement of good news: comments are working again.  I had nearly become a hypocrite after making my plea to Tumblr users  explaining why comments should always be enabled!  When I upgraded to a premium theme this week, I wondered why I wasn’t getting any e-mail notifications for new comments.  But the problem is fixed, so let’s resume the conversation with the great community we have here at Tumblr!

This week’s highlights:

imageLess than 24 hours after I shared my predictions about Reblogging becoming a widespread standard, Wordpress announced they’re adding a feature to allow reblogs.  It won’t be long until you se this feature adopted by all major blogging sites.  Well, the smart ones, anyway.

imageA bombshell announcement was met with a surprisingly low-key reception in much of the tech community, when Skype announced they have finally been authorized to allow calls of 3G networks.  Naturally, I tried it out immediately like a giddy schoolgirl, and giggled uncontrollably when it worked like a charm.

imageRFS Claymations is not a happy camper after taking Microsoft Office 2010 beta for a test drive, and delivers a rant accordingly.

imageNo comic strip for this week’s humour, we innovate here at D2D, gosh darn it.  A blogger introduces the new Myspace Pro service, which got at least a few chuckles from me.  It’s a shame this is fake, if there was a service really like this I’d pay for it…

If you found any of the above particularly interesting or useful, please consider recommending this blog for the techstartups, or entrepreneurs category.  Thanks for reading!^_^


Bumptop is awesome. period.

Think Microsoft surface for Mac OSX. I’m not sure if this makes you more or less productive but I would love to see this implemented on iPad or the new Dell tablet devices.

You can download Bumptop for free here

I will be testing BumpTop this week and reporting back my findings.  If I find it to be as awesome and helpful as it looks, I will purchase the Pro version and detail the differences as well.

Have any of my readers tried this?  If so, let me know your thoughts and I will include them in the evaluation follow-up!


Hi everyone, glad you could make it!  

If you’re reading this blog, then we have at least one mutual interest: using the internet for business.  Perhaps you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who is determined to divert their career to the online realm.  Maybe you own a local service or brick-and-mortar store that you’d like to take online for greater business potential.  Or you may already be a well-established online presence, and are practicing the one key principle that any good entrepreneur should always be consistent in following: KEEP LEARNING.  

This Blog will focus on:

-How to stay organized and streamlined both online and offline to increase productivity

-Social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and the various ways to utilize these powerful tools to their full potential

-Trends, techniques, and discussion of online marketing practices

-Adopting the entrepreneur mindset

-How to build-up your own personal brand

-How to be persuasive in your writing, and personable in your everyday interactions for maximum success

-Discussing issues that will have a significant effect on online/small businesses and what it will mean for the future

But let’s pause a minute.  I’m probably being a bit too dry, aren’t I?  If I am, for pete’s sake, konk me on the head and tell me to stop writing so formally.  As long as we’re busy learning from each other, we may as well have a fun time doing it, and that’s the experience I’m aiming to deliver for this blog.  I’ll do my best to make each entry interesting and readable.  We best retain knowledge of things we have a genuine interest for, and it’s my goal to make these entries not just readable, but something you’ll be genuinely excited about!  Before long, you’ll be waking up in the morning enthusiastically saying things like, “Yes!  These stupid spreadsheets aren’t going to keep me down, I’m going to dominate them and move on to the next task…all before lunchtime!”, or “Ha!  I’ve just mapped out my hourly tweets for the rest of the month.  Nothing can stop me now!”  I hope your reason for visiting this blog will be both for business and pleasure.

I’m still fleshing this thing out, so if there are any tweaks I can implement to make things easier for you guys, just let me know.  I always invite suggestions on how things can be improved, so fire away.

I have a few articles prepped, and will start posting a little later this week if nothing changes, but I’d really like to hear from you all and get some feedback on what you’re currently working on, questions you may have, or where you’d generally like the focus to be for this blog.  Let me know if you have any useful ReBlog candidates as well, I’ll certainly consider them.  Like I said, I hope we’ll all be able to help each other in the long run for success all around!

The faster we begin the discussion, the faster we’ll be exchanging long-distance-high-fives.  Let’s get to it!

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